Digital Gujarat Shishyavrutti Yojana : Last Date, Login & Online Form of scholarship

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Information regarding the digital Gujarat scholarships scheme (Yojana)

Education is a vital step in our lives. But many people in India are deprived of that experience due to the lack of money. But Indian and state governments are trying to do their part in bringing the awareness among people. As citizens of India, we should know that education is our basic rite and pursue it will give us a bright future. The poor people often drop out of school after Matric examinations as education gets expensive. A college education is a fundamental pillar of someone’s education, and they should always acquire it.

Gujarat is a state that is progressing quickly in the country. Along with its industrial and agricultural advances, it is also paying attention to the education that is much needed in their state. The government has included Digital Gujarat Scholarships of several kinds to help out the poor people. This would ensure that they get the education and career that they deserve. Let us look into some facets of it to know it a better way.
Now When you have read most of information then you should look at the datesheet or schedule of the Digital gujarat shishyavrutti yojana. As you can see in the below given table the last date of scholarship scheme is 15th december 2017 which is damn near. so if you did not fill up form yet then hurry now. Click On below given link and press the submit button after uploading your KYC Document and paying application fees.
Dates / Time Table for Digital Gujarat Scholarship / shishyavrutti Yojana
digital gujarat Dates of scholarship

Facts of the Digital Gujarat Scholarships Online form
  • The scholarship can be availed by logging into the Digital Gujarat portal
  • The scholarship is applied for the post-matric level for any student
  • The scholarships will be valid for students who study and live in the state; they can also be valid if they belong from the state and study within India.
  • The state that the scholarship is valid in is Gujarat
  • The digital Gujarat applications are being currently taken and will be taken until 15thDecember 2017.

Some steps while applying for the scholarship on :

  • First of all You need to visit [Link]
  • Now you need to click on sign in / login button which would be Available on the upper right corner of the website.
  • Now you will see the login page, beside this you will see the red color button of registration, Click on it!
  • Now you will see the registration form in which you will be asked for Adhar no, Password and Date of birth.
  • You will get OTP in your aadhar registered email id and phone no. Just enter this in Requested OPT Box.
  • Now You will see the other form of your details like address and other things, also fill that up.
  • Now You will see your profile, Click on Request a new service link and then select a filter as a Scholarships There.
  • you will see the big list of scholarships, click on your category and then do further procedure as they ask.
  • After that whenever you want to check scholarship form again you just need to Login in Digital Gujarat scholarship website.

For Scholarship you need to submit below given some documents. The list of documents  needed for digital gujarat shishyavrutti yojna is given below.
digital gujarat login
There are several courses and schemes that have been introduced by the government so that all the deserving students can avail the scholarships. It is valid even for M. Phil courses which are great for people who want to pursue their higher educations.
Some schemes in the Digital Gujarat Scholarship program:

  • BCK-78 Post S.S.C Scholarship For Girls (SEBC)
  • BCK -137 Post S.S.C Scholarship For Girls (NTNT)
  • BCK-81 Post S.S.C Scholarship For Boys (SEBC)
  • BCK-138 Post S.S.C Scholarship For Boys (NTDNT)
  • BCK-80 Instrumental Assistance For Medical, Engineering, Diploma students (SEBC)
  • BCK-79 Food Bill Assistance For Medical, Engineering Students (SEBC)
  • BCK -83 Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for technical and professional courses (SEBC)
  • BCK -83 Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for technical and professional courses (EBC)
  • BCK -83 Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for technical and professional courses (Minority)
  • BCK -139 Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for technical and professional courses (NTDNT)
  • BCK-98 Fellowship scheme for M.Phil, D. students (SEBC)
  • BCK-82 Higher Secondary Scholarship (SEBC)
  • BCK-82 Higher Secondary Scholarship (EBC)
  • BCK-82 Higher Secondary Scholarship (Minority)
  • BCK-81C Scholarship for students studying Dr.Ambedkar and Indira Gandhi Open University (SEBC)
  • BCK -325 Educational Assistance for NTDNT Students Studying in Self Financed College (NTDNT)
  • VKY-157 Food Bill Assistance in College Attached Hostels
  • VKY 164 Instrumental Assistance for First Year Students of Medical , Engineering , Diploma Courses
  • VKY 158 Swami Vivekanand plan for diploma technical professional and industrial courses
  • VKY 156 Post Matric Scholarship for ST Girls Students having annual family income more than 2.50 Lacs
  • Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students Post-Matric Scholarship
  • Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students Pre-Matric Scholarship
  • (BCK-12) Instrumental Help to SC Students (Medical, Engineering, Diploma Students Only)
  • (BCK-10) Food bill Assistance to SC Students
  • (BCK-5) Post Matric Scholarship for SC girls student only (Having annual family income more than 2.50 Lac)(State Government Scheme)
  • (BCK-6.1) Post Matric Scholarship for SC students (Government of India Scheme). Only Schedule caste Students can apply whose parents/guardians income less than 2.50 lac
  • (BCK-11) Fellowship scheme for M.Phil, D. For SC students
  • (BCK-13) Scholarship/Stipend to SC Students for ITI/Professional Courses
  • BCK-81A Post Matric Scholarship of Government of India for the OBC students
  • (BCK-6.1) Post Matric Scholarship for SC students (Government of India Scheme)(Freeship Card Student Only)

Important Documents List to submit the form of shishyavrutti / scholarship form:
  • One’s caste certificate which is self-attested.
  • The Aadhar card in a self-attested manner.
  • The first page of bank passbook or a blank cheque has to be uploaded.
  • The bill that has been given for the current course being pursued by the student.
  • Previous mark sheets have to be presented, and they should be self-attested.
  • If astudent took a break from studies, then they have to admit a Break Affidavit.
  • If the student is residing in a hostel, then they would require a hostel certificate.
  • Income certificate of the earning member of the family issued from a genuine authority. If in Government service then Form no. 16 is mandatory.
  • School leaving certificate should also be there.
  • A Bonafide certificate has to be submitted for the current year in school or college.
digital gujarat documents list

Digital Gujarat registration / Login under the label of citizens of Gujarat is mandatory for getting the scholarships. It is a huge initiative, and they have thought of breaking the scholarships into different parts so that almost everyone from a different background can apply to it. If you have some queries regarding your group of scholarship, then it would be best to contact your institution or even contact the helpline of Digital Gujarat. They are always there to help you out with any questions you have. For the help of people, the date of form submission was extended until 15th December 2017 which is quite soon. So, if someone is interested, then they should look into submitting the form soon.

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