Surat's super hero-Surat fire incident, the real 'hero'

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God does not come to save you all the time in this world, but people like the Lord of the Angels are invisible, the same is seen in Surat today.
A fire in a complex in Surat where the news of the death of more than 20 children is coming so far, when a young man is struggling to save people at the risk of his life, know about it.
A fire broke out at the scene of the fire in Kalasis on the fourth floor in Takshashila Building in Jatashanka area in Surat. About 10 fire teams and ambulances have also reached the spot. However, in the fire incident, more than 18 children died due to news reports.
Other fire stations, including tankers, have been called for the fierce fire. Water was being run by me. Crane's help is being taken to overcome the fire.

The local people are saying that the upper floors were running in the upper floors. Some students were spreading over to save their lives in this fierce fire, but some of them died and the injured students were admitted to the nearest hospital Smimmer.
Local people are saying that Fire Brigade was told about the fire, even though Fire Brigade came after a long time. So that the loss of life is increased. There is no success in controlling the fire due to lack of adequate resources. Let me tell you that the preliminary estimates of the fire on the second floor were due to short circuit. After the fire broke out, the fire became enormous in a few moments. The children were so frightened that the fire broke out and the fire was spread everywhere.
Parents of trapped children reached the scene. But the parents who arrived at the spot were very angry because they were trapped inside their offspring. Following the fire, five students were shifted to the PP Sawani Hospital through 108 ambulance, one of them was shifted to Smymer Hospital due to severe head injuries. The four girls are being treated as soon as they are gone. Let me tell you that two people are reported to have died in Sparkle Hospital.
At the time of the fire in Taksashila building, a young man saved his life from the risk of two students by putting them in danger. Without losing his sense of humor in such a horrible time, this person had become a genuine hero due to his work. This genuine hero of Surat tried to save his life from danger to save the children from the fire from the second floor.

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